Why Club Defi Works

Immediately Applicable

Use the digestible content from Club Defi and start winning trades today!


Club Defi was engineered above all else to be a community where crypto enthusiasts can learn together.


Club Defi uses a simple and concise video-based learning system in which you can ask questions directly on the platform.

About Your Instructor

Jebb McAfee is a cryptocurrency/blockchain enthusiast and technical analyst with over half a decade of experience.

Jebb has been through multiple bull and bear markets and has learned to navigate through them both profitably.

He has hundreds of hours of cryptocurrency teaching experience- teaching over 6,000 students the basics and nuances of the decentralized finance space.

Although Jebb has found much success in the cryptocurrency space, he still continues to fine-tune his skills by researching for countless hours a week, having his full-time job be his YouTube channel which has over 224,000 Subscribers. With over 2,600 Youtube videos published, the Crypto Jebb YouTube channel is a one-stop-shop for all of your crypto needs. Jebb teaches daily technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and extrapolates news to make sure you stay up to date in all things of the world of crypto!

You can follow more of Jebb's journey and teachings on his YouTube channel: @CryptoJebb